About the sport of Mr – Rugby (to be continued)

There are many sports in the world but when it comes to rugby, people will remember the image of a dangerous sport. But did you know that this sport is called gentlemen’s sport, from rules to players. And even Rugby was held to play in the World Cup too?
Rugby was born in 1823 and originated in the Kingdom of Australia, however there are many differences between rugby and American football.

Perhaps it is difficult for anyone to think that this strange sport has its roots in football because of its violent gameplay. Because of its breathtaking competitive nature due to having to scramble every inch of land on the field, it is classified as an extreme sport. The two teams will use their hands, hold the ball, use their full force to collide with each other, from the outside it will feel like they are performing martial arts. If in football, when a strong collision occurs, the whistle will stop the game and bring your team a penalty, but rugby it is normal,
The player is allowed to collide, but how to collide, how to collide has its own rules. There are a few interesting differences between football and rugby:
There will be a yellow card like in football but the yellow card does not accumulate in the next matches
In a soccer match there will be a time referee and stoppage time, neither at rugby either.