Aspects of Rugby to Bet On

When placing a bet on a rugby match, there are several aspects to consider. The emergence of online betting sites has allowed people to set particular wagers. A number of these sites even give users the power to create their own bespoke bet. Generally speaking the more specific the bet, the higher the odds and more lucrative a win will be.

Player Based

In rugby, some players are more likely to score than others. The likelihood of them getting a try will depend on their skills, pitch position and overall record. It is usually best to play it safe and bet on a player who already scores regularly. Their odds will be less lucrative, but the bet will have a higher chance of winning.

Score Based

Betting site users could decide to place a wager on the game score. It is worth analysing the previous scores of teams to get an idea of the correct possible number. These bets are riskier because there are so many factors which could affect final scores. Rather than go for a specific number, it is wiser to bet that the score will be within specific criteria. For instance, someone could bet that a team will have a score of between five and 10 etc.

Team Based

This is the most common form of sports bet. If people choose between two teams, they have about a third odds of a winning bet. The three potential outcomes are that the selected team wins, the opposition wins, or there is a draw.


It is possible to use betting sites to customise a wager and mix up the factors as mentioned earlier. For instance, someone could bet that a team will win by a particular score and that a specific player will achieve a try. These are the riskiest of all rugby wagers.