Becoming A Rugby Player

For many people, the idea of becoming a pro rugby player seems like a distant dream. However, it is entirely possible as long as the person is willing to train hard and commit a significant amount of time. Most coaches will tell people that there are different ways to get into rugby on a professional level depending on age.


Over 18 players will be limited as the only pathway is to be chosen for a national team. Under 18s can gain selection for a union grading system. For example, if a 12-year-old excels in the under 13 grading system, they will be able to continue moving up the ranks until they reach the national level.

Underage teams are more likely to be noticed by scouts. When scouts see potential in a player, they will sign them up to a club. It is worth joining a junior rugby academy in order to increase exposure. Most of the bigger clubs will have an academy. Being a member enhances a person’s chances of gaining professional contracts.

Betting On Rugby

People can understand the sport more by gambling on it. However, it is usually against the rules for pros to place bets on their own games. Up and coming athletes should bear this in mind.

Fitness And Skills

Serious rugby players will need to have a very good fitness level. The sport is highly competitive, forcing players to keep up or even exceed the fitness levels of others. This is the only way to succeed in rugby. People who cannot meet pro fitness standards will not be considered for national contracts.

Players also have to be skilful when it comes to ball handling and tackling. Ideally, people should train in both fitness and rugby skills. Putting in enough time and effort will allow them to develop to the best level.