The Premiership now has to face a lot of problems during a really short period of time, which are confusion over contracts, scheduling alternative plans as well as the strategies to set up training strategies for new returning. 

If someone asks about what the biggest problem that nowadays English rugby clubs has to overcome, the answer would not be simple. Everything comes as not easy as players are offered different deadlines with the viewing to signing new contracts with their clubs. The jostling to earn the precious chance to take part in the Premiership’s among unions is also so hard that it seems like must take more than months to be kicked off. In fact, the Premiership’s will take place on the 15th of August. 

However, in any problems, it still stands the common problem which is communication and the lack of it as well. At the very first stage, the cuts on wage for players have made them feel short of motivation and hardly knows the real dilemma that their clubs have to face at that time. This might be the case at the first stage, however, it seems like the the reason was that it was not properly explained to them. And it is certainly not the case now.

The situation turns out to be different for every single player as if it is now the time for them to drop, will you feel that kind of pride and obligation in comparison to some other players who have worked in that field for 3 continuous years? 

The cuts, according to someone’s opinions, should be executed unilateral. However, it seems to be unreasonable when one club needs to implement blanket 25% cuts then put all its players on the unemployed situation, another in a better financial position does too.