Due to Covid-19, Australian rugby council sends an ultimatum to their athletes not to… make love to much

With the hope to resume the top tournaments soon, the Australian rugby organizators has asked athletes to prevent the Covid-19 infection by minimizing their sexual activities.
According to Australia’s Herald Sun, this warning comes with a penalty therefore it seems to force athletes to choose among sex, mates or sports. This is one of the unusual and quite funny movement which the Covid-19 pandemic brought to the world sport. Therefore, during the cancellation period, for illustration all sports have been suspended since March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Australian football and football leagues are hoping to quickly make their returns.
To achieve this, the leaders of the Australian Professional Rugby League (AFL) have asked players to limit the number of their sexual activities with their partners to reduce the risk of being exposed to the Corona virus.

The “ultimatum” of AFL has been put under heated discussion on social networks which made many athletes to do nothing but “frowning”. Jake Lever, a rugby footballer from the Melbourne club, said some of his teammates were not happy with this instruction. “It does not really affect me. I have a small child and a wife, so this is an opportunity for me. I’m quite happy. However some people say that some single athlete might be really disappointed.” , “Jake Lever said sarcastically.