Worldwide national sports are definitely not the competition where different teams gather to compete but also the golden chance for business firms to pocket the staggering sum of money when its nation come to host the tournament.

In 2015, it was calculated that there were at least half of million tourists coming to England to be the spectators of this year Rugby World Cup.

According to a report by the financial analyzing brand – EY, this amount of tourists has spent at least 2,2 billion Europe (3,4 billion USD) to pay for restaurant services, stadium services, and bars throughout the time World Cup’s matches took place.

As a bright result, England’s GDP during that year saw a dramatic incline in comparison with it in the previous year, which was around 982 million Europe (1,5 billion USD).

The Rugby World Cup took place once in 4 years, is going to be the biggest sports tournament all around the world. The number of TV spectators watching rugby matches has been rapidly increasing. In 2011, the Rugby World Cup appealed 4 billion streaming viewers, which far surpassed the number of 200 million viewers in 1987. 

This event has brought along an enormous chance for rugby to develop in terms of worldwide players, especially for nations as regions being still unknown to rugby. 

It was obvious that England stood a good chance of earning a lot of money for this special event. For the previous season, Rugby World Cup’s revenue took up 0.3% of New Zealand’s GDP this year. The revenue gaining from overseas tourism underwent a rapid rise and 93% of the champion’s tourists showed their will to come back to New Zealand for traveling soon. England’s authority revealed that the whole nation had spent 85 million Europe (132 million USD) for hosting this sumptuous event.