Federer struggled from criticism as suddenly congratulating on former rugby leader who has been hated by Australians

Federer has caused many fans to express their dissatisfaction after having acted to congratulate on commentator Alan Jones, a character who has been criticized in Australia.
It seems that during the time when tennis tournaments have been delayed due to the large spread of Covid-19, Roger Federer suddenly became involved in many bad criticisms. This has affected the image of this talented player in his fans’ eyes. Most recently, just because of an accomplishment that Federer pay on a commentator has also provoked different conflicts and negative reactions.

Alan Jones is known as a head coach who once led the rugby team of Australia, but Jones’s notoriety comes mainly during the period when he worked as a commentator on 2GB radio. As an arguably conservative, Jones has caused a lot of controversy with Australian public opinion because of his lack of delicacy, or even the smell of racism and sexism.
Jones has been dragged to court nine times for his statements and accusations on radio waves. Jones has criticized former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a liar and even said her father’s death in 2012 was “out of shame with children”. Even recently, when the Covid-19 outbreak broke out, Jones said that “Today we are dealing with a disease called exaggeration”.
The scandals have made Alan Jones look down on many people. After being harshly criticized, Jones personally called to apologize to Prime Minister Gillard, but she did not bother to pick up the phone. Meanwhile, Jones’ radio program was withdrawn by about 80 companies, estimated to amount to about 1.5 million USD.