LeBron James totally had the ability and skills to become a professional rugby player, however, he gave up this dream for such a ridiculous reason. 

LeBron James recently shared a post on Instagram which was an old article about him since he was in secondary school. The article rated this LA Lakers player as the top 1 talented rugby player in Ohio State and had been considered to be well-trained enough to take part in NFL as the position of Wide Receiver.

When LeBron James was still studying in St. Vincent-St Mary, he took part in both school rugby and basketball teams. Apart from being famous for outstanding with the ”orange ball”, the player who was born in 1984 also showed off great skills in rugby.

According to the article being shared by LeBron James, just during the first year of his secondary school, he caught 60 receptions with the total distance was 1200 yards. During this time, 16 touchdowns were made. The writer commented that this player coming from Akron had such big hands and incredible speed. He bore a striking resemblance to Randy Moss (the legendary player of NFL). 

Having such high expectations, however, at the end of the road, he did not opt for rugby. Even during the last year of secondary school, LeBron James no longer play this sport. According to player Cleveland Cavaliers, the whole basketball team of school would hit no score at that time if Hebron opted for rugby instead of basketball.

”I have not wanted to play rugby during that year (even though deep down in my heart I did want to), as my accompanied players in the basketball team did not allow me to do it. They said that if I dared to appear on the rugby pitch, they would bully m and punch me till I could not stand. So I thought I had made a clear decision. Whatever it took, my NFL players nowadays should be thankful for my basketball homies at that time.”