“When the tournament is decided to be delayed, I asked myself if I can do something to help out the Covid-19 patients or doctors during the outbreak of this awful pandemic. Driving the emergency ambulance is a job which does not require a lot of medical domain knowledge, therefore, I do think I should give it a try.”

During the impermanent “unemployed” period, it seems like most of sports athletes all stay at home to stay away from the effects of Covid-19, self-practice, take part in different challenges on social media,… however, to the Italian rugby player Maxime Mbanda, he chose to be the ambulance driver of his own free will to take Covid-19 patients to hospital.

What makes curling fans feel surprised and show great admiration to his action is that the pandemic is happening really complexly in Italy, therefore Maxime’s decision to not stay safely at home is quite risky.

Answering the interview with the AFP press, Mbanda said: “When the tournament is delayed, I asked myself if I can do something to help patients and doctors?”

He also shared: “Driving emergency ambulance does not require medical domain knowledge, therefore, I think I can make it. I started this job 1 week ago, 13 hour per day on average. Even though sometimes I do feel exhausted, I have never quitted even 1 day since I made this decision, especially I have had the chance to witness what happened inside the emergency room by my bare eyes.”

Mbanda whose father works as a surgeon, described his job: “I take the local residents who are tested positive to Covid-19 to hospital. If it is needed, I also help to carry a stretcher or push a wheelchair, sometimes hold the patient breathing apparatus.