Rugby represents successful sports style in fashion (part 03)

While most rugby jerseys choose five or six horizontal stripes, some clubs like the legendary Barbarian FC put a single large stripe across the chest. Not long after, this became the norm for college clubs and teams; However, national teams continue to use monochromatic rugby jerseys and much of it continues to this day as the iconic Australian yellow, South African emerald green or color black of New Zealand.

It was not until the 1950s that the rugby jersey began to be worn off the pitch, a period that coincided with the emergence of other sports-inspired apparel such as the classic varsity jacket. Like most sportswear, rugby tops were initially accepted by fans. Students at colleges wear jerseys like on the pitch to show solidarity with the team.

The rugged rugby shirt shows itself in line with the trends of the times, but is more comfortable and casual than the button-up shirt. The rugby shirt is also an indicator of social status: Tony Collins, one of the world’s leading experts on sports, explains to The Wall Street Journal that rugby is primarily played by people. study in private schools for the rich and as such a rugby shirt is a measure of who you are and your status in society.