Rugby shows successful sports style in fashion (part 07)

It’s also in stark contrast to the on-pitch product, as teams gradually moved away from the traditional heavy cotton long-sleeved rugby shirt by the turn of the millennium to employ lightweight synthetic tops. , no neck, fit, more like a soccer jersey.

In the age of the hashtag-menswear trend, Ralph Lauren launched the Rugby line of products in 2009 focusing on the private college student audience whose rugby sport is associated with. Michael Bastian, an American designer, has made rugby the main tenet for his branding, but also his aesthetic that he sold through partnerships with Gap and Gant.
But as the hashtag-menswear trend gives way to streetwear’s dominant era in the past half-decade, rugby has once again fallen into the niche. However, a few brands, like Aimé Leon Dore, Noah and Rowing Blazers, that specialize in the streetwear scene have still made rugby the mainstay of their collection over the past few years. The Rowing Blazers is inspired by historic rugby shirts, recreating aesthetically pleasing tops, like the Japanese national team jersey from 1932.
As streetwear slows down in 2018, rugby has slowly started to return to mainstream trends, blending with denim, chinos and staying in between casual and traditional men’s wear like any other. when the. Now it’s not just brands like Noah and Rowing Blazers that have rugby style-related products; Guccis, Thom Brownes and Beams-es of the fashion world are all launching products with this classic prep style.