Rugby world is recommended to take look at 1987 World Cup for better experience

Inaugural tournament of World Cup was given the disapproval from Scotland and Ireland, therefore, it is now transformed into a Nations Championship.

The inaugural World Cup final marked its first anniversary last week. This is an important tournament as it not only changed the visage of the whole rugby union but also the rugby union’s entire appearance. Like many other new competitions, it started slowly, but as it quickly gained popularity and become viral among people.

The final play between New Zealand and France taking place in Auckland, which was not as close as the 2011 encounter between the sides at the same venue. This final play took place almost 33 years ago, however, the contrast between the rugby world at that time and then is so easy to regconize that it suggests a much longer gap.

The International Rugby Football Board being held at the beginning of the 1980s was operated among eight countries: the four home unions, which set it up in the 1880s, the other three major southern hemisphere nations, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, which took part in the tournament in 1949, and France, whose admission was granted in 1978, gaining neither income, expenditure nor secretariat.

The Five Nations, by its way, was not a professional tournament featuring formal rules or restrictions, therefore, did not even have a trophy. The fixtures were by arrangement, a concept was actually come up by Scotland, one of these team which, along with Ireland, used to vote the organization of a World Cup in 1987; signing the participation agreement can help them to be qualified enough to take part in another nation.

Since 1993 ,the championship nations officially have its own restriction and formal rules, six years after the World Cup proved too successful.