‘Since I was seven or eight’: Sailor reveals sad stories of racist abuse since he was a kid

In a recent interview, dual code great Wendell Sailor has spoken it out loud about what he has been suffered from the racist abuse. He said he had been received a lot of bad words and had to deal with a lot of taunts from racism rugby fans as well as rival players. “Since I was seven or eight”, he said

Sailor is a rugby player who played 37 Tests for the Wallabies and gained the trophy of 16 Kangaroos caps, revealed a lot of previously unveiled stories in terms of racism issues, especially discussed the Black Lives Matter movement on Sky Sports’ Golden Point podcast.

This rugby player, who is now 45 years old, said that even though he has gained certain trophies and titles in his sports field, he has still been the target of racism abuse.

Sailor said: “People know what I’ve been through because I’ve done articles on it time and time again, but I think for me this is pretty big,”

“To tell you my side of the story. It’s massive.” Sailor added. He shared that he never wanted to go back to the period of naming teams or naming players. As since he was knee-high to grasshopper, about seven or eight years old, ha has had it (racist abuse) in football. And now he has had it in different sports, not only football.

“It still happens.” Sailor sadly sad. Sailor also revealed some stories not long time ago when he had been put beyond his limits as being abused of his skin tone.

However, he said he preferred to move on and keep on thriving himself rather than be sad and let it consume his thoughts.

“I’ve seen a bit of it (racism) throughout my career and I had also suffered from a little bit of it, however, as other black men, I just had to learn to deal with it,” Sailor said. “Whereas in 2020 now, things have got to change.”

Sailor said that he has rarely come into racism conditions and jokes when he was off from work, however, he confirmed that as a young international, playing for the Kangaroos, racism is still something that have been difficult to recognize.