Take a look back at Indian Cricket and the infamous toxic water crisis

Protesters burned goods and shoved with police outside the cricket ground in Chennai to issue a request in regard of cancelling IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket matches as the city in the south was in turmoil. The clean water crisis was the main reason for this remarkably terrible sight of India cricket.

According to the Daily Mail, at that year, hundreds of protesters, including those wearing black T-shirts and carrying black balloons, gathered near the stadium, chanting the slogans ahead of the game between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders. The situation forced police to try to push protesters onto buses parking outside Chennai (the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu), where the Chennai Super Kings club had prepared to participate in their first homeside play after the cross-out two-year sentence for illegal betting. Cricket is considered as the number 1 sport in India.
Several protests also took place in Chennai during that terrible period, which included a dispute with the neighboring Karnataka state over how to share water from the Cauvery River. This used to be a hot issue in southern India. “We want all 67 IPL cricket matches in Chennai to be postponed until our requests are met,” AFP quoted a protester as saying: “We also urge the audience to boycott the match. ”
The Chennai government finally decided to relocate IPL matches out of Chennai to avoid the protests, and pledged to ensure security as IPL was still the host of local matches.

The police spokesman of Tamil Nadu revealed the information with AFP: “There are about 4,000 police officers on duty around the stadium. We will guard every space and corner to make sure nothing bad happens.”