The most terrifying rugby player in the world with a strange face full of tattoo

When meeting Puk Kireka, if not known, everyone would think he was wearing a mask but it was a tattoo on the football player’s face.
Formerly a member of a famous New Zealand gang, 32-year-old Puk Kireka has twice been jailed for crimes related to theft. Bored with the “go to jail for crime” scene, Kireka determined to reimburse his salary, after leaving prison he spent time studying and hoping to get a suitable job
But the bizarre tattoo on his face makes people terrified every time Kireka applies for a job. Too deadlocked he turned to sports practice and is now an amateur rugby (rugby) player. The father of three is currently playing rugby for the Tamatea Club (New Zealand).

“I know it will be difficult to get a job with my tattoo. I will not always deny my past, but it is important that I want to prove to everyone the change. I also want to help people. His situation has changed, “Kireka shared with Hawkes Bay Today.
In addition to becoming a rugby player, Kireka also started his Sports course, hoping to receive a degree in fitness coach. The British newspaper The Sun, previously wrote an article about Kireka’s difficulty when no company accepted him to work because of the weird tattoo on his face. It is this article that has helped many people to have other views, that is why Kireka has the opportunity to become a rugby player.