The rugby club which specially has 150 gay players

Founded in 1995, the world’s first gay rugby club now has 150 members.
Kings Cross Steelers is a rugby football team in London. What is the most special thing about this club in England? Founded in 1995, the above rugby team is the first club for gay athletes. Kings Cross’s courage to come out in real sex created the foundation for 60 other gay rugby clubs. Established from November 1, 1995 to November 1, Kings Cross Steelers Club will celebrate its 20th birthday. Currently, this special club has 150 players divided into 3 teams.
Initially, the club encountered many difficulties when receiving discrimination from other rugby teams, they had difficulty finding opponents as well as participating in official tournaments. However, in June 1999 Steelers officially became a member of the British Rugby Federation (RFU).

Throughout the history, Steelers has won a lot of success, including the championship of the Union Cup in 2009, in the next 2 times the Steelers team also successfully defended the championship.
The Steelers first team has taken a solid step forward in regional tournaments. They are playing in the First Division of the London region and southwestern England.
The Kings Cross Steelers’ growing and growing day has affirmed and created trust with everyone. You can indulge your passion for sports regardless of who you are and of any gender.