The UK has benefited from billions of dollars from Rugby Worldcup

More than half a million spectators are expected to travel to the United Kingdom to watch the 2015 Rugby World Cup, which will take place next Friday.

According to a calculation by financial research firm EY, the fans will spend £ 2.2 billion ($ 3.4 billion) on restaurant, bar and stadium services during the period. This event takes place.

As a result, UK GDP will likely increase to £ 982 million (US $ 1.5 billion) by the end of this year.

The Rugby World Cup event takes place every four years and is about to become the largest sport on the planet. The world cup is still superior in terms of average profit earned on ticket sales.

A growing number of television viewers watching Rugby matches. In 2011, this tournament attracted 4 billion viewers, many times more than the 200 million people in 1987.

This event is a great opportunity for rugby to increase the number of players, more developed in the US and other countries where this sport is less popular.

Experience from previous countries shows that the UK is facing the opportunity to reap “a bumper crop”. Earlier, the Rugby World Cup contributed 0.3% to the GDP of New Zealand – the host country in 2011. Profits from the tourism industry of this country increased sharply, and 93% of foreign tourists expressed their intention to return. New Zealand again.

Britain, however, needs to try to escape the “winter curse” which has caused many host countries to suffer financial losses. Typically, the Winter Olympics, when the country often has to spend expensive investments in the construction of stadiums, swimming pools and bicycle races – which are rarely used after the Olympics are over.

Rugby World Cup is less expensive this time, when the UK only spent 85 million pounds (132 million USD) invested in infrastructure. The investment to upgrade the Twickenham pitch – the expected match-up – and the nearby transportation system, will yield the ultimate “sweet fruits”.