Great Britain sevens player Heather Fisher revealed that after the decision of 2020 Olympics postponement, his life seems to be uncertain and have a lot of things to worry about.

Recently, The Tokyo Games was decided to be postponed due to the dangerous effects of covid-19. The Tokyo Games will now officially take place in 2021.

“It’s more the mental fatigue and the worry of my age,” said the 35-year-old. Healther Fisher also revealed her intention to retire after the Olympics this year  being finished. However, the global health of the whole world seems to a much bigger deal than sports issues.

Throughout her sounding career, Fisher has earned a lot of titles and champions. She firstly stepped into professional rugby 11 years ago. 6 years after her international debut, Fisher with her team at that time – Team GB won the bronze medal at Rio 2016. Before that, they also won a Commonwealth Games bronze medal with England in 2014.

During an interview of Fisher with BBC Sport, she confided about her age, which she found as an obstacle on her rugby practicing and performances. At this age, Fisher started to think about owning a family, settling down and involving in her own family life. There have been many pressure for her whenever it comes to this issue. On the other hand, at the same time, her aim to take part in the Olympic Games in Tokyo used to be one of the last ambition for her rugby career. This chance has never come easy and often and sheI would be devastated if she didn’t give her squad a chance and give herself a chance.”

When Fisher heard the announcement that Olympics in Tokyo being postponed till next year, she still kept the thought of carrying on. However, her contract will end on August. “They might not want me, I might pass my sell-by date.”, Fisher said.