Two-handed amputee plays cricket better than thousands of people

Playing cricket without arms, is it possible? Amir Hussain Lone of Wagram village living in Jammu and Kashmir is not only a professional cricket player but also the captain of the Jammu and Kashmir para-cricket team. Amir lost both his arms accidentally while playing in his father’s bat manufacturing sawmill in 1997. At that time, Amir was just eight-years-old. He was fiddling with the switches of the sawmill when both his arms got caught in the conveyor belt. Both of his arms were hurtfully severed on the spot. “I met with an accident in 1997 at our sawmill when I was reading in Class II. There was nobody at that time. I had gone there to drop the lunch for my brother and while playing got entangled as a result of which both of my arms got amputated,” Amir shared his story.

Despite losing two arms from an early age of 8, some sort of extraordinary energy helped the 26-year-old to become a cricket player.
Losing both hands was a huge problem for anyone, however Amir Hussain the 26-year-old Indian was so different. Having had an accident at the age of 8 and losing 2 arms, thanks to his extraordinary determination, Hussain became an excellent cricket player. Thanks to his years of hard training, the 26-year-old has acquired special skills.
He can hold the stick with his neck and shoulders and then swing as strong as he can. As for the pitches, Hussain clamped the ball to his toes and bent himself to throw it violently.
At the local cricket club, Hussain is one of the team’s most beloved stars. Because of this, he was elected the captain of the Jammu & Kashmir Club.