This blog is all about the fun sport of rugby, as well as how to place bets on rugby games. Rugby has been around since the 19th century and is now one of Britain’s most popular sports. This site looks at features of it at both professional and amateur levels.

The Site Content

The different aspects of rugby have been separated into specific articles. Readers have the choice of either reading every single one or just the content which most appeals to them. The title of each article explains what it is about.

Becoming a Pro and Rugby Movies

The blog gives advice on how to become a professional rugby player. It explains the possible pathways for both adults and younger players. There is also plenty of information on staying safe.

Rugby can be seen in many movies such as Alive and Jungle Cry. There is an article listing some of the best ones to watch. This section of the site will give readers an idea of just how ingrained rugby is in popular culture.

Game Differences and Placing Bets

There are also articles looking at the differences between rugby league and union, as well as rugby and American football. It is easy to be confused by their similarities. Luckily, after reading this content, it should become much more apparent.

Betting on rugby is very common. There is an article telling readers about the types of wagers they can place on the sport. It lets them know how risky each bet type is.